Категория: Radio channel WWMS
Technical characteristics:

Network standard

IEEE 802.11b 
 Selecting the radio channel width, MGz

Bit rate, Mbit/с (5 MHz, dynamic)

to 36,1

Operating frequency range, MGz


Transmitter power

< 17 dBm или < 50 mW*

Antenna type

встроенная 10 dBi

Power  beam width (horizontal)

to 600

Power  beam width (vertical)

to 600

Ambient temperature range,оС


Rated supply voltage, V


Min ingress protection, GOST 14254-2015(IEC 60529-2013)

IР 65

Max weight, kg


Max dimensions, mm


The radius of the radio, m

to 300*

*Operating frequencies and other parameters depending on the region (country) of use.

KBS – 485 (Wi-Fi) is used to connect the MU-150 control module with the foreman’s or the process planner’s PC. It’s a pair of active remote antennas.



  • Mode indication;
  • Quick installation of pair antennas.

Design features:

  • Light, sealed enclosure;
  • Quick and easy installation.

Delivery contents:

  • Two antennas;
  • Converter and a 12 V power supply;
  • Converter cable;
  • Control module cable;
  • USB cable.