About the company


RPE "Petroline-A" LLC has been designing and manufacturing instruments for oil and gas industry  since 2001. 






Continious innovations, using cutting-edge technology and meeting customer expectations have secured strong position on the oil equipment  market. Every product is certified by the relevant licenses and certificates of state bodies.

A great experience in research and development, participation in industry excibitions and tenders for instrumentation demonstrates that LLC "Petroline-A" products meet all safety and quality standards and also are excellent value for money.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate of compliance to development and production of instruments for oil and gas industry, warranty and post warranty service. 

Our instruments are highly reliable and convenient for oil and gas operators. They help efficiently to manage processess and prevent accidents and injuries to people working in the oil and gas industry.

We offer a 12-months warranty and post warranty service. Our extensive service center network will quickly resolve any problem. We collect and analyse instrumentation field performance data and use this information to upgrade systems taking into account the cusomer's need.


Main Product Range:








Our locations


LLC Petroline-A serves customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus. We also work with companies in Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.



RPE "Petroline-A" LLC offers you reliable instrumentation and high quality maintenance