Gas Sensors

    The GSV-1 series gas sensors  are designed for continuous automatic measurement of the concentration of explosive and toxic gases in the air of the working area of oil and gas facilities, on the drilling and workover rigs, on the production, technological and transportation premises.

    Explosion Proof Protection

    The GSV-1 series gas sensors have explosion-proof design. Scope of application - explosive zones of premises and outdoor installations according to the marking of explosion protection and regulatory documents regulating the use of electrical equipment located in explosive zones.

    Design Features

    The GSV-1 series gas sensors structurally consist of a main converter – receiver-transmitter and a universal digital replaceable gas measurement cell with optical infrared and electrochemical sensors.

    Status Indicators

    Indication of the status and operating modes of the GSV-1 series gas sensors is provided by LED and a multifunctional graphical OLED display. The following information is displayed on the graphical OLED display:

    • Type of gas being measured (chemical formula: H2S, CH4);
    • Current gas concentration readings in the corresponding units of measurement (ppm, LEL, % vol, etc.);
    • Graph of gas concentration changes over time (trend) over a time interval;
    • Set alarm thresholds (THRESHOLD 1, THRESHOLD 2);
    • Current state of the main converter and replaceable measurement cell.

    Two LEDs provide visual monitoring of exceeding the set gas concentration thresholds. A three-color LED indicator displays the operating mode of the device (normal/malfunction/communication).

    Integration with Actuators

    The GSV-1 series gas sensors have the following output signals and communication lines for engaging actuators:

    • RS-485 digital communication line with the Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol;
    • Analog unified current output 4-20 mA proportional to gas concentration;
    • Two relay outputs with normally closed/opened contacts for the each trigger threshold.

    The GSV-1 series gas sensors comply with the requirements for explosion-proof equipment according to TR CU 012/2011 and ATEX standards (EN 60079-0:2012+A11:2013, EN 60079-11:2012, EN 60079-1:2014)