Gas Detection System

    The Gas Detection System is designed to monitor the concentration of flammable gases (CH4) and harmful substances (H2S) in an explosive zone at drilling and workover rigs, and other facilities requiring continuous monitoring of the level of gas contamination.

    The Gas Detection System, which includes MK-140 GAZ commutation module, provides the following functions:

    • Gas sensors connection;
    • Audible and visual alarm function when the maximum thresholds of gas concentration, which were set in advance, are reached;
    • Disabling the audible alarm by pressing the button on the front panel of the commutation module after reaching the first gas concentration threshold;
    • Sending relay output to the external equipment for its engaging when the maximum threshold of gas concentration, which was set in advance, is reached;
    • Connection to the MU-150 control module to work as part of the DEL-150 System.

    All parameters can be stored in the MU-150 control module’s memory connecting to the DEL-150 System as well as in the database created by the Drilling and Well Workover Monitoring Software