Audible and Visual Alarm Device Orbita

    Technical characteristics:

    Sound level, dB


    EX Marking, IEC

    1 Ех mb [ib] IIB Т4 X

    Rated supply voltage, V


    Current (at 12 VDC), A


    Ingress protection

      IP 65

    Ambient temperature range, °С


    Weight, kg


    Dimensions, mm


    The Orbita Audible and Visual Alarm Device is intended to work with the MU-150 control module and MK-140(GAZ) commutation module and is controlled by associated blocking module of these controllers. Actuating of audible and visual alarms is carried out separately in the Gas Detection System.

    The device has two versions. The second is used to work with the control module. In this case, the light and sound alarm are turned on and off at the same time.



    • Explosion-proof protection

    Design features:

    • Supplied with a cable of required length