Control Module MU-150

    Technical characteristics:

    Voltage range, V


    Max power, W


    Number of electroluminescent screen lines


    Number of device connectors


    Rated output sensor voltage ([Exib]IIB), V


    Digital interface


    RS-485 baud rate, bit/sec


    PC RS-485 baud rate, bit/sec


    Communication protocol


    Dimensions, mm


    Weight, max, kg


    Marking of EX
    II 2G Ex nA [ia Ga][ib Gb] IIB T4 Gc

    Min ingress protection, GOST 14254-2015(IEC 60529-2013)

    IP 54
    Ambient temperature range,оС -40...+50


    MU-150 is the core in the drilling and well work over monitoring system SKPB DEL-150.

    The module fulfills the main functions of saving, display and transforming the data.

    Besides it indicates the deviation of variables and makes signals to lock the device.

    It transfers data between the system modules.

    The modular architecture allows the system to be extended by installing extra sensors, indicators and other devices.

    MK-140, MK-140 (GAZ) are used to extend the DEL-150 system configuration.


    Key benefits:

    -Flexible module configuration meets the customer’s needs;

    -The control module screen displays detailed information:

    • current sensor readings;
    • sensor status;
    • exceeded limit values;
    • GSM modem operation and status;

    -Convenient settings and configuration system:

    • multiline screen;
    • extended menu;
    • Russian and English alphabets are supported;
    • remote indicator color can be adjusted by the control module.

    -GSM-modem as standard:

    • support for double GPRS mobile networks;
    • support for several customer servers;
    • data acquisition, storage, analysis, archiving on a customer server;
    • remote built-in GSM modem configuration.

    -Built-in Ethernet module

    • network cable connection;
    • network Wi-Fi connection

    - Extra indication modules are available to display optional variables and data redundancy.