Control Modules

    The Control Module is the main unit of the DEL-150 Drilling and Well Workover Monitoring System, which performs collection, storage and transmission of the measured data.

    Measured data is stored in the internal memory of the Control Module. At the same time, the saved measurements are recorded on a removable memory module.

    On the front panel of the Control Module there are: a display, a keyboard and a compartment for a removable memory module.

    To connect sensors and devices, the Control Module is equipped with a panel of connectors.

    There are two modifications. The MU-150E modification has a network card and a connector for connection to an Ethernet network.

    The standard equipment of the device includes a built-in GSM modem with an antenna, one relay board and boards for connecting sensors.

    The Control Module is a universal device that can be used both in systems for drilling and workover rigs. In addition, the Control Module can be used as a controller for a group of certain sensors: in the mud pump room, on the power tong and etc.


    The Control Module of the DEL-150 System provides:

    - Data logging from the sensors and signal converters connected;
    - Display of values according to measured parameters on digital and analogue-digital indicators;
    - Capability to connect current and voltage sensors;
    - Audible and visual alarm function when the maximum threshold of any parameter, which was set in advance, is reached;
    - The function of sending relay output to the external equipment for its engaging when the maximum threshold of any parameter, which was set in advance, is reached;
    - Data storage in the internal memory and in the removable memory module;
    - The function of transmitting registered data via radio, wired, GSM communication, Ethernet network;
    - Using the "Vernier Mode” that allows the analogue display module switches to displaying the Hook Load parameter on an additional scale;
    - Changing the units of measurements;
    - Capability to assign location’s ID (number of well, pad, etc.);
    - Alarm set points;
    - Configurable interface of the EL screen;
    - Connection of the MK-140 Commutation Module to expand the configuration of the device.

    Data of all controlled parameters are simultaneously stored in databases created by the Drilling and Well Workover Monitoring Software on the:

    - Remote server owned by Petroline-A;
    - Remote server owned by the Customer;
    - Toolpusher/Technologist Workstation.