Measuring Parameters - Hook Load

    Hook Load sensor measures “weight on hook” according to GOST 14169-93

    In the DEL-150 system “weight on hook” parameter is the product of measured load amount on the deadline and “index of string-up”.

    The tackle system is characterized of max load capacity because of the number of lines and its diameter.

    The line string-up includes the sequenced rope installation on crown block sheave and travelling block excepting a cable rope crossing and the abrasion of strings.

    The tackle system is actively used with the fixation of loose end of the rope to the derrick foundation.

    For every rig the tackle system is used with its mechanical advantage of block and tackle from 4 to 14 by the means of different string-up 2X3; 3X4; ...; 7X8 ( the first number is the quantity of sheaves, the second is the quantity of crown blocks.

    To count “index of string-up” it’s necessary to take the quantity of sheaves and multiply this number by 2.

    The index is 6 for 3X4 string-up. The “hook load” is therefore just six times that of deadline itself (where the sensor is mounted).