Wireless Load Sensor DN-130(R)

    Technical characteristics:
    Rope OD, mm 18
    Capacity, kN 50…100
    Min. measured load, kN 5
    Accuracy, %FS ± 3
    Calibration interval, months 12
    EX Marking, IEC 1 Ex db IIA T6 Gb
    Supply voltage, V 3.6
    Ingress protection IP 65
    Ambient temperature range, °С  -45…+65
    Weight, kg 6
    Dimensions, mm 310х70х111
    Distance for stable wireless communication, m 15

    The DN-130(R) wireless load sensor is designed for load measurement applied to the rope 



    • Explosion-proof protection.

    Design features:

    • Usage of high-strength and light-weight materials for construction;
    • Absence of the cable communication;
    • Easy Installation;
    • Easy battery replacement.