Combined Gas Sensor GSV-1K

    Technical characteristics:
    Calibration interval, months 12
    EX Marking, IEC 1 Ех d [ib] IIС Т5 Х
    EX Marking, ATEX II 2G Ex db ib IIC T5 Gb
    Rated supply voltage, V 12…24
    Power consumption, Wt 2
    Ingress protection IP 67
    Communication interface RS-485
    Communication protocol Modbus
    Analog Output, mA 4…20
    Number of relay outputs 2
    Max. relay commutation DC voltage, V 30
    Max. relay commutation DC current, A 2
    Ambient temperature range,°С -40…+50
    Weight, kg 1.5
    Dimensions, mm 190x206x90


    CH4 Measurement Cell Specification

    Gas transducer type Infrared
    Gas Methane
    Analyte CH4
    Analyte range

    (0…2.2) % vol.

    (0…50 ) % LEL


     ±0.22 % vol.

    ±5 % LEL


    H2S Measurement Cell Specification

    Gas transducer type Electrochemical
    Gas  Hydrogen Sulfide
    Analyte H2S
    Analyte range

     (0…40) mg/m3

    (0…28) ppm

    Range from 0 to 10 mg/m3 ±2 mg/m3
    Range from 10 to 40 mg/m3 ±20 % error

    The GSV-1K stationary explosion-proof combined gas sensor is designed for continuous measurement of methane (CH4) and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentration in the air of the working area 

    Measuring Parameters:


    • Explosion-proof protection;
    • Availability of built-in function of self-diagnostics
    • Sensors interchangeability

    Design features:

    • IP67 Ex enclosure
    • Enclosure with a wide cap for protection of display from specks
    • Informative display
    • Compact protective visor to protect against splashes