Video Recorder DEL-150V2-MDxx

    Category: Video Recorders
    Technical characteristics:

    Quantity of CCTV cameras connected, pcs.


    Total quantity of CCTV cameras per system, pcs.


    Removable hard drive form factor, inch


    Power supply, V


    Max. power, W 


    Ingress protection

    IP 54

    Ambient temperature range with internal heater, °С


    Ambient temperature range without internal heater, °С


    Weight, kg


    Dimensions, mm


    The DEL-150V2-MDxx video recorder is the basis of the CCTV system. Video recorder performs the following functions:

    • Recording a video archive on a removable drive;
    • 4 pcs. CCTV camera connection;
    • Video data transferring.

    The DEL-150V2-MDxx video recorder has robust metal enclosure and inner door with control panel

    The video recorder has different configurations and technical characteristics according to its marking.

    Marking principle:



    • Recording of a video data in the internal memory;
    • Recording of a video data on a removable drive;
    • Remote access to current video data;
    • Synchronization of video data with the DEL-150 System’s data;
    • The same software for the DEL-150 and the DEL-150(V) Systems.

    Design features

    • Additional protection of the internal electronics;
    • Protection of the air holes;
    • Unique solution for the removable memory drive module