Mud Return Flow Sensor DPS-140(IVR)

    Category: Sensors
    Technical characteristics:

    Digital interface

    Communication protocol Modbus
    Rated supply voltage, V 12-18

    Marking of EX

    1 Ex ib IIB T5 Gb

    Min ingress protection, GOST 14254-2015(IEC 60529-2013)

    IР 66

    Ambient temperature range,оС

    -45 ... +65

    Max weight, kg


    Max dimensions, mm


    DPS-140(IVR) – detects the mud return flow presence.

    Measuring Parameters:


    • Ex-rated.

    Design features:

    • Plastic indicator lever enables to exclude mud adhesion;
    • Indicator measures the stroke of lever. The indicator lever hades depending on the flow force.