Display Module MI-140C(6P)E

    Technical characteristics:
    Displaying variables


    Nominal input voltage, V


    Marking of EX

    II 2G Ex ib IIA T5 Gb

    Min ingress protection, GOST 14254-2015(IEC 60529-2013)

    IР 65

    Ambient temperature range,оС

    -45 ... +65

    Max weight*, kg


    Max dimensions*, mm


    *Weight and dimensions are without mounting set: meter visor, anchoring of remote display on a bar. Total weight of mounting set is no more then 2.5 kg.  

    The MI-140 (6P) display module –multifunctional device that displays the main and secondary drilling and well work over variables on the work site.



    • Ex-rated;
    • Display 7 process variables;
    • Selectable essentials on the display;
    • Simultaneous display modules operation in the system;
    • Selectable modes.

    Design features:

    • Rig support mounting bracket;
    • Bracket for mounting on the dashboard in driller’s cab;
    • Extra scale indicating bit load for drilling and fishing jobs;
    • Output for the console group;
    • Possibility to choose the display color (red / green);
    • Sealed enclosure.