Категория: Sensors DEL-150, WWMS,
Technical characteristics:

The upper limit of the torque measurement*, kNm

7-12 (22)*

The lower limit of measurement of torque, kNm


Max acceptable basic percentage error, %


Digital interface


Communication protocol


Rated battery voltage, V


Battery runtime, months Ingress 

about 18

Marking of EX II 2G Ex db IIA T6 Gb 

Min ingress protection, GOST 14254-2015(IEC 60529-2013)

IP 65

Ambient temperature range,оС

-45 ... +65 

Max weight, kg

10 and more

Max dimensions*, mm

Ø 205*×103

The radius of the radio, m


*pointed one of more than 20 DCM-140 sensor size types.


DKM-140(R) measures rotary table torque and rpm in rigs with propeller shaft drives.

DKM-140(R) is mounted on the rotary collar connected with the prop shaft.

 Appendix for DКM-140(R)

Measuring parameters:


  • Ex-rated;
  • Simultaneous handling of two variables: rotary table torque and rpm;
  • • Wireless channel to the control module.

Design Features:

  • Customizable configuration to meet customer’s needs;
  • Minimum height of the sensor is 103mm.