Категория: Commutation Module
Technical characteristics:

Voltage range, V


Max power, W


Number of supported devices (number of connectors)


Rated output voltage of sensor RS 485, V


Communication interface to PC and external Digital sensors


RS-485 baud rate, bit/sec

57 600

Communication protocol


Max dimensions, mm


Max weight, kg


Marking of EX II 3G Ex nA [ia Ga] [ib Gb] IIB T4 Gc
Min ingress protection, GOST 14254-2015(IEC 60529-2013) IP 65 
Ambient temperature range,оС от -40 до +50

One control module connector

MK-140 (M4) is an extension for the DEL-150 configuration and it’s made to meet the customer’s technical needs.

MK-140 (M4) is the best option to connect 1-3 devices. There are intrinsic safety barriers (a repeater RS-485), ex-marking [Ex ib Gb]IIA in MK-140.

According to GOST IEC 60079-14:2013 the device MK-140 with ex-marking is used in dangerously explosive areas and connected intrinsically safe circuit with electrical device in ex-rated ones.



  • Intrinsically safe power supply to the sensors and other devices from SKPB DEL-150;
  • Connecting a control module to extra devices (sensors, remote indicators, transducers, actuators);
  • Commutation modules can be connected in series.

Design features:

  • Two modifications for power supply connection.